Ying Yu Jade Natural Chinese Jade Rollers for Health and Beauty

Jade rollers are used to improve circulation and create a more beautiful appearance. Empresses
used jade rollers for facial beauty.

Jade balances and protects the body qi

I learned about jade rollers for healing and facial beauty during my trips to China to learn about Chinese
medicine. My Chinese doctor in Beijing introduced me to the jade carvers in north east China to set up a shopto make jade rollers and jade gua sha stone scraping tools using genuine natural jade and made to
high standards for Chinese doctors, spas, chiropractors, and our cherished customers.

Most Popular Chinese jade roller
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Classic Chinese jade roller
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Professional practitioners acu-roller, with tiny "needles" to work the acupoints.
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Practitioners style jade double roller
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How to use a jade roller for facial massage video
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Ying Yu Jade Exclusive
FrownEase Jade Roller Wrinkle Reducer Kit
Includes pad with herbs and jade pieces
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Pure and natural Chinese jade acupressure ring with three different edges for acupressure treatment of your hands.

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Ying Yu Jade Rollers

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