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Jade rollers are used to improve circulation and create a more beautiful appearance. Empresses used jade rollers for facial beauty."Bongers" relax and balance qi flow.
New Item Jade Ben Wa Kegal Exercise Balls
Gua Sha
tools for traditional Chinese treatment.
Jade balances and protects the body qi
I am a qi healer and Reiki Master and upon request will
infuse your jade health insturment with qi before mailing.
These are natural and will all be slightly different

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Double roller measures 5-5 1/2 inches long and has a 1" roller on one end to reach hard-to-reach areas, like behind ears, around eyes. Larger roller is 2". The handle is also jade. Each slightly different.
Item #LR Price $32 Order

Deluxe double jade roller, approx 5 1/2", 2" roller and 1" roller, higher quality and includes a Chinese silk lined box. Natural jade color varies, each one is slightly different
Item # LR-D Price $38 Order
How to use a jade roller for facial massage video, click here

Small roller is approx. 3 " long and the roller is 1". This is good to use in small areas, around the face and ears, for children and for your pets around their heads. Handle is also jade. Each slightly different
Item #SR Price $28 Order

Medium roller is approx. 3.5 " long, and the roller is 2". Handle is also jade. Each slightly different.
Item #MR Price $29 Order

Two-piece set of jade rollers, small and medium model . Natural jade, each slightly different and jade color varies in shade of green $57 value
Item #Roller-S-M Price $55 Order

Three-piece jade roller sampler set includes small, medium and double jade rollers. Natural jade, each slightly different and green jade color varies.
$89 value
Item Rollers-SET-3 Price $85 Order

Professional practitioners acu-roller, with tiny "needles" to work the acupoints. This is a big and heavy jade roller, 7" length with a 3" roller, a YYJ design with pure and natural jade. Each jade roller is slightly different because they are natural. These are heavy and additional shipping charges may apply
Shipping to USA addresses only
Item #Roller-Acu Price $42 Order

Practitioners style jade double roller. Large roller head is bigger than standard roller, approx 2 1/4" and smaller roller is approx 1 1/4". and approx 6" overall length. Roller holder mechanism more flexible for adjustments. Each slightly different. Comes with box
Item #Roller-Prof Price $40 Order

Pure and natural jade "worry stone". Indentation fits thumb perfectly to rub when you are distressed. Each one slightly different, size varies from 45-50mm long. Highly polished, smooth, easy to carry in your pocket.
Item #WorryS Price $28 Order

Pure natural Chinese jade comb, standard model, approx. 5". Used in China to keep scalp healthy, for adults and children. Prevent hair loss and balance body qi.
Item #COMB-S Price $32 Order
These are hand crafted and may have small
imperfection, and color of green jade will vary

Pure and natural Chinese jade acupressure ring with three different edges for acupressure treatment of your hands. Approximately 48mm and 10mm thick, very substantial. Carry in your pocket to use throughout the day to keep your qi flowing smoothly. Watch video for details
Item #Jade-ring Price $32 Order

Jade "bonger" has natural jade handle and 40mm round ball. Gently "bong" this over your acupoints to keep your qi flow smooth and balanced. Also great for relaxing tight muscles. 8" total length. A Ying Yu Jade Exclusive. These are natural jade and each one will be slightly different. These are heavy and additional shipping charges may apply
Item # BONG Price $38 Order
These are hand crafted and will have small imperfections

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