Jade, Qi and Body Health

Q: This is a question about jade and relationship to body "qi". What does this mean? What is the significance of different colors of jade? And what does it mean when the jades, like the Chinese health instruments (rollers) and pendants listed here and on Ebay auctions say that you will infuse them with "qi"?

A: Qi is the Chinese name for the body's life force, energy, including the field of of qi outside of the body (you know that uncomfortable feeling you have when someone is too close, in your "space? You are feeling them in your qi field). The practices of taiqi (tai chi), qigong and Reiki (ki or qi) all involve keeping the body qi flowing smoothly along acupuncture meridians. When an acupuncture point is not open, the qi does not flow smoothly.
Traditional Chinese medicine culture has used jade for centuries to protect and balance the body qi. The qi of the jade, its mineral composition, has the energy ability to help body qi. So if you are wearing jade for your body qi, it is very important to know that the jade you have is real jade, and that it has not been treated with acid to give it translucency, and that it has not been dyed. Burmese jadeite that is inexpensive and has good color is probably treated with acid and dye. The natural Chinese jade on my web site and auctions is natural and real jade, except for red bangles and the pi pendants, which have been enhanced by laser, but not treated with chemicals or dyes.
I am a qi healer/practitioner and Reiki Master, so I can infuse your jade with healing qi before I mail it to you. I practice daily to have the ability to get and use qi from nature, and use it for healing. In meditation, I I hold the item in my hands, and get qi from heaven and earth through the acupoints in my head and feet, and bring it to my dantien, or middle energy center, and then move it through the exit acupoints in my palms to your jade piece. It is similar to what I would do if I were giving you a qigong or Reiki treatment. I like doing it, as it feels good for me to move energy.
In Chinese medicine, the body organs of kidneys, liver and gallbladder, spleen and stomach, heart and lungs all correspond to the acupuncture meridians, which are responsible for health or illness in various parts of the body. The relationship of these is different from western medicine; for example, liver is related to problems of the eyes and other seemingly unrelated body conditions. These organs also have energetic colors related to them, and it is interesting that these are also the colors of jade.

  • Green, the most popular color, relates to the liver and spleen, the life energy of the body. Anger disrupts the liver and causes illness. Green color of jade supports love, justice, compassion, generosity and kindness. Anger causes illness of the kidney related organs, causing headaches, and injures the immune system
  • White is the color for the lungs, and enhances spirituality. Anxiety and sorrow are illness of the lungs
  • Red is the color for the heart, and enhances energy and protection. Excitement and excess of mind and spirit injure the heart, creating insomnia, and confusion and restlessness, and heart problems
  • Yellow is related to the stomach and spleen, which is damaged by pensiveness, "nit-picking", excessive concentration. Illness here includes elevated blood pressure, weakened immunity and tendency towards colds. Yellow brings relaxation and digestion
  • Black or blue jade is related to the kidneys which are damaged by fear, and healed by wisdom which the black and blue colors represent.

Lavender jade is related to the "shen" or spirit. Lavender jade inspires wisdom, meditation and spiritual growth. According to Chinese tradition and wellness, babies, children and young women should not wear lavender jade, as it is reserved for more mature adults.
Jade is beautiful and healthy to wear. Enjoy your jade! Let me know if you have any more questions about jade and qi.
Thanks for asking.


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