Jade Therapy
Using Jade for Healing According to Chinese Medicine

Chinese jade has traditional energy qualities and represents a rare treasure for the human body. Jade qi energy and the body qi energy
are closely related and complement each other.Since ancient times
it has been used in various healing treatments in Chinese medicine. These are some of the reasons people use jade, and are
Chinese beliefs about jade.

Jade helps:

Decrease "heat" in the stomach
Normalize breathing
Improve the water-supply of the lungs and heart
Regulate the voice
Prevent hair from over-drying
Strengthen internal organs and systems (liver, stomach, heart, bonds
the entire circulatory system, vision, hearing) and spirit

Regular use of jade therapy

Helps eliminate dizziness and sleeplessness
Decreases high blood pressure
Softens blood vessels
Smoothes out wrinkles
Strengthens kidneys and male organs
Regulates female functions
Improves quality of blood
Increases memory and other mental abilities
Prevents the rise of chronic illnesses and lengthens the life span.

The jade rollers, jade gua sha tools, jade needles and jade masks for
the face re used for jade therapy. The curative abilities of jade are
based on the composition of its microelements and low temperature physical properties, which are especially favorable for the human body and compatible with body qi. A static electromagnetic field originates during the contact of the jade with the human body:

Affects the central nervous system
Purify and normalize the nerve stream
Acting via multiple nerve points on the head.
The vibration of the jade
stimulates and helps the circulation in the brain
and removes tiredness.

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