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Gua Sha
tools for traditional Chinese treatment. Calm Spirit/Ying Yu Jade brought jade gua sha tools to the USA in 2002. They have been designed using traditional shape and with consultation of Dr Charles Li in Beijing, using high quality medical grade jade and substantial to use professionally
Jade balances and protects the body qi. It is yin/yang, cool but warms to the body temperature.
Unlike buffalo horn tools, no animals were sacrificed to make these. The shapes are related
to the Five Elements in Chinese medicine, and the curves and straight
areas relate to yin and yang for balance when you are using them.
I am a qi healer and Reiki Master and upon request will infuse your jade health instrument with qi before mailing.These are natural and will all be slightly different. Brochure included with your order
If you are an energy healer, consider wearing a cool, beautiful Chinese jade
bangle bracelet
made from this same jade to keep your body qi balanced
Hand carved, each slightly different and size approximate, jade color will vary

Read about Jade Gua Sha Treatment

Read about Jade Therapy

After you complete your gua sha treatment, be sure to smooth the qi you raised during the treatment. This helps the body to become balanced. Jade rollers are a good tool to use to smooth the qi, roll over the area you used gua sha

Natural Jade Gua Sha Tool. Has indentation for use on fingers, 2 1/4 by 3". Traditional shape for using in cooler weather (autumn and winter) good size to use on children, women. "Metal"
Item # GUA-1 Price $32 Order

Natural Chinese Jade Gua Sha Tool has flat edge for scraping flat areas of the body, and curved for arms and other rounded areas like arms. Easy to hold. Smooth and polished. Thick and very comfortable for when you use often. Gua Sha liniment sold below. "Earth". Approx 5"
Item # GUA-3 Price $38 Order

Good shape for deep, effective work. 3.5x2.25 approximate size, each slightly different.
All areas feel comfortable to hold. and fits well in small to medium hand. "Fire"
Item #Gua-9 Price $32 Order

Curved and rounded adapts to bony area of
back and neck. 4" by 2 1/2 " (approximate)
"Wood element" Good size for larger hand
Item # GUA-6 Price $32 Order

Natural Jade Gua Sha Tool with wavy edge for
working on points inside the hands and feet.
2 1/2 by 4". "Earth"
Item # GUA-5 Price $32 Order

Good size for work on child or small woman as you can work all areas easily. Smaller size approximate 3x2" for smaller hands, very comfortable to hold "Metal"
Item # GUA-8 Price $32 Order

Limited edition jade gua sha tool, "fish with wave"
a few extra curves for specialized scraping. Comfortable to hold and work with, approx. 5"
Natural jade, each one is slightly different "Water"
Item #GUA-4-W Price $32 Order

Very versatile shape, feels good in the hand. Has areas for all types of gua sha treatment.
4" by 2 1/2" Good multi purpose tool. "Metal"
Item #GUA-7 Price $32 Order

Versatile jade gua sha tool with comb to use on scalp, curved and rounded for working arms, hands, neck and more. Approx. 3.5x2", easy to work with. "Fire"
Item #Gua-10 Price $38 Order

Jade pointer, practitioners size 1 cm (4" length) nicely rounded at both ends for unblocking qi at the acupunture points. Substantial to fit well in the hand
Pure, natural jade, each varies slightly
Item #Pointer-X Price $32 Order

Smaller 60mm Pointer
Item #POINTER-SM Price $28 Order

Legend of Jade Gua Sha Tools

The barefoot doctors in China were rarely paid in cash and didn't have money to pay for traditional gua sha tools. Theywere able to obtain scrap from jade carvers which they used as gua sha tools. The jade carvers still make the gua sha tools slightly rough and add gouges in the tradition of the barefoot doctor's "scrap" jade healing gua sha tool.

Practitioners Special: One of each jade gua sha tool (6 tools)
(1, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9
Sale Price, A $192 Value
$180 Order (no substitutions at this sale price, pouch sold separately)
Additional shipping charges apply to destinations outside US 48 contiguous states and international orders

Jade gua sha tool starter set with tools #5 and 1plus a small jade roller to smooth the qi after your gua sha treatment. $89 Value
Add silk pouch below for storage and carrying
Item #GuaSet15
Price $78 Order

Jade gua sha tool starter set with tools 8 and 5
with medium jade roller to smooth the qi after
your treatment. $90 value
Add silk pouch below for storage and carrying
Item #Gua Set 18 Price $79 Order

The perfect bag for your gua sha tools set

I've been searching for a great bag for gua sha tools, and this is perfect.
Chinese silk bag, 7"x7", velcro closure, adjustable shoulder strap, and a zipper on the outside that expands the bag 1 1/4" when unzipped, big enough for a set of tools plus gua sha liniment. Red only.
GUA-BAG Price $28 Order

More silk purses and bags

Click here for more styles of silk bags

Silk pouch for gua sha tools, will accommodate 3 tools plus liniment. Zipper pocket under flap.
6 1/2"x5 1/2". Colors will vary, you can request a color and if it is available it will be included.
Item #Gua-Pouch Price $20 Order

Jade Needles, Click Here

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