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If you visit China, you can consult a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine for a pulse diagnosis and herbal prescription. An herbal pharmacist will measure the herbs and for a small fee will prepare your prescription in the form of a decoction (boiled) and deliver it to you in sealed plastic bags of measured doses. An herbal prescription is usually taken twice daily for two weeks or longer.

In the U.S, you can purchase Chinese patent herbal formulas that are quite effective. Herbal formulas take longer to work than western medicine, but since they work naturally with your body, they are generally safe and without side effects. If you are pregnant or taking medication, you should check with your doctor before taking any herbal products.

If you have never taken Chinese patent formulas before, you will notice that pill form probably looks different from herbal supplements you may have taken in the past. An herbal product listed as a "pill" looks like a small, round ball, usually dark in color. You will notice the dosage on the bottle often tells you to take 8 pills, three times daily. This dose is recommended when your symptoms are acute, as in hot flashes that are disrupting your life and your sleep. You may want to take the recommended dose for three or four weeks, then when you start feeling better, decrease to twice daily until you no longer need to take it.

"Yin" Tonifying Herbal Formula (Da Bu Yin Wan)

This is a classic formula for menopause symptoms of night sweating, hot flashes, insomnia and restlessness. Relieves symptons of heat.
200 pills. Take 8 pills, three times daily. (details)

Relax and Balance Herbal Formula (Xiao Yao Wan)

A classic formula for nourishing and balancing for men and women. A classic formula for relaxation and sleep. Helps symptoms of feeling bloated, depression, irritability and headaches. Also useful for food allergies, chronic hay fever, and digestive problems. Good for menopausal and PMS support.
200 pills. Take 8 pills, three times daily. (details)

Calm Spirit Herbal Formula (An Shen Bu Xin Wan)

Use for insomnia, restlessness, mental agitation and pain.
48 tablets. Take 2 tablets, three times daily. (details)

Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan

For insomnia, promotes sleep for fibromyalgia syndrome. Used in China for treating ADD/ADHD. Classic formula for stress, anxiety that increases blood pressure and pulse.
Take 8 tablets, 2-3 times daily. (details)

Restorative Herbal Formula (Gui Pi Wan)

Use for fatigue with night sweating, poor memory, restlessness, insomnia. Balances appetite. Women can alternate with Yin Tonifying Formula with good results. Used in China for anti-aging, keeps skin in good condition, adds moisture to body.
200 pills. Take 8 pills, three times daily. (details)

Hot Flash Herb (Liu Wei Dihuangwan)

Classic herb for hot flash and menopause relief. (details)

Menopause Relief (Gengnianan Pian)

Classic formula for menopause, sleep disorder, moodiness, bloated, distraction, temperament (details)

Ren Shen Shou Wu Wan Classic "Black Hair" Tea Pill

Classic longevity tea pills used traditionally to keep hair from turning gray. It tonifies the liver and kidney qi (details)

An Shen Bu Xin Wan Sleep Aid

Classic tea pills to help insomnia and improve sleep naturally (details)

Watermelon Frost Cough/Sore Throat Lozenges (details)

Yinchiao Tablets Cough and Cold Herbal Remedy (details)

Panax Ginseng Extract (details)

Dried Whole Ginseng Root (details)


Chinese Tea

Chinese Green Tea and Lungching (Dragonwell)

This is the best known of prized Chinese green teas. Lungching is a spring tea from the West Lake region of Zhejiang. This tea brews golden green and has an elegant, sweet aftertaste. (details)

Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine delicately scents this healthful green tea. (details)

Chinese "Eight Treasures" Tea

Eight Chinese medicinal herbs, flowers, pods and berries make this a very healthy and balancing tea. Details

Gynostemma Cholesterol Lowering Tea

Known in China as "Seven Leafs Ginseng" this remarkable tea has been used for lowering cholesteral. Sweet taste. Details

Bojenmi Fat Reducing Tea

A natural herbal tea to help reduce body fat, manage weight, and reduce cholesterol. Use for keeping slim, no stimulants. Details


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