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Calm Spirit is dedicated to wellness of body, mind and spirit.  I have been going to China since 1999 to learn Chinese medicine and Qi Healing.  That's where I met a Chinese doctor for treatment and a professional relationship.  He taught me more about taiji and qigong.  Together we went to Xiuyuan to find a jade carver that would make Chinese jade health and healing tools, like jade rollers, jade stone scraping gua sha tools, jade eggs and ben wa balls for women, and more jade health tools. 

Chinese medicine is based on Daoism, being in harmony with nature.  Wellness includes body, mind and spirit.  When I worked as a psychologist and counselor, I knew people with emotional and psychological distress also had physcial pain.  I wanted to help clients more holistically, and learned Chinese medicine healing, as well as Reiki. 

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